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Corrective surgery

KT-Beauty makes it good again!

More and more patients come to our private practice for aesthetic medicine to have failed cosmetic surgery corrected. Operations that have gone wrong and surgical errors are a sheer horror for those affected. Many feel not only visually disfigured, but also lied to and deceived. In the worst case, failed plastic surgeries lead to damage to health.

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How do malpractice and failed surgeries occur?

Sometimes it is simply unfortunate complications that could not have been avoided. More often, however, it is a lack of professional understanding on the part of the operating surgeon. In the hunt for a better price, many end up abroad. In fact, plastic surgeons from Eastern Europe often offer lower prices. Unfortunately, the quality standards do not correspond to the German standards. Made in Germany still holds its own - even when it comes to cosmetic surgery.

Mr. Towmasyan corrects the mistakes

Our practice work also includes secondary aesthetic surgery. We correct the results of failed cosmetic surgery. These include:

  • Asymmetries
  • dents
  • scars
  • crooked breast implants
  • the consequences of aggressive liposuction

and much more.

Have you had the misfortune of experiencing a botched cosmetic surgery? Don’t despair, because most mistakes can be successfully corrected. We can also remedy minor failures, such as misplaced fillers on the face.

Are you skeptical and would like to get a second opinion? Then you are also in good hands with us. In a detailed consultation, we will look together at what went wrong and how we can correct the surgical errors. After the correction you will be able to feel comfortable in your skin again. So that looking in the mirror will bring you joy again!

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Plastic surgery

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Aesthetic medicine

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